Historically, the oil and gas industry, like many others, has been dominated by men. But that didn’t bother Ella McDonald. She was ready to blaze her own trail.

Company History

Growing up on a farm outside of Mill Creek, Oklahoma, Ella McDonald learned quickly there were no gender-specific jobs. And as she became interested in oil and gas, she knew that she had the drive and ability to succeed. Her secretarial skills were superior, and her attention to detail was uncanny.

With a quick mind, people-savvy and a strong work ethic, Ella set out to prove oil and gas wasn’t just for the boys.

In early 1980, Ella partnered with Bill Bendau to form Petro Title Management. She went on to start McDonald Land Services in 1982, which has since grown to multiple offices across the country, employing more than 150 contractors. Ella still loves all phases of the business: She cut her teeth checking records, buying leases and curing title before moving into project management, right-of-way acquisition and 2-D and 3-D seismic permitting.

Although McDonald Land Services has evolved into much more than a one-woman show, Ella continues to believe in one-on-one relationships with clients. No matter what service we’re providing, our goal is to make you feel like you’re our only client.

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All Land Services

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