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Experienced landmen ensure your project isn’t derailed by title issues. As a result, we mitigate inconsistencies or flaws in the chain of title.

Title and Abstracting Services

Before any exploration or production project can begin, the title to every piece of land that falls within the project’s geographic scope must be thoroughly vetted and verified. For this reason, we contract the best title specialists in the business. Our title partners have the experience and legal education needed to ensure your project doesn’t get derailed by land title issues.

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Chain of Title Verification

You can’t afford for your exploration or production project to be delayed by title problems, which is why we partner with the most experienced oil and gas land title attorneys in the business. As a result, we help you mitigate inconsistencies or flaws in the chain of title, allowing you to rest easier and ensure your project runs smoothly.

Land Title Specialities:

  • Title back to sovereignty
  • Mineral rights and surface ownership title reports

All Land Services

All Land Services

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