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Right-Of-Way Acquisition

McDonald Land Services is skilled at handling complex Right-of-Way Acquisition (ROW) projects. Clients rely on our experience and expertise to help them navigate the process for natural gas pipelines, roadways, electrical transmission lines, water lines, and more.

How can we help?

We not only understand who needs to be involved throughout the process, but also how to communicate and negotiate with everyone involved. Our documentation procedures are designed to ensure the client always has the latest, most accurate data required to properly manage the right-of-way acquisition project.

Experienced project managers oversee documentation procedures and data to properly manage the right-of-way acquisition project. As a result, our projects tend to reach successful completion faster — and with fewer headaches.


With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the personnel and capabilities to locate the most feasible route for your pipeline in a timely manner. By utilizing existing maps, pipeline routes, tax data overlays and comprehensive knowledge of the area the most suitable route is selected for each right-of-way project.

Right-Of-Way Acquisition Specialities:

  • Roadways
  • Bridges
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Sanitary sewer lines
  • Electric transmission lines
  • Fiber optic lines
  • Water lines

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All Land Services

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