Surface Damage Settlements

Surface damage settlements are part of the cost of doing business in the energy production industry. Unfortunately, management of claims and settlements related to oil and gas exploration and drilling activities can be tricky. McDonald Land Services has the skills and experience to manage the process for you.

How can we help?

Claim Negotiation and Settlement

Our team has extensive experience in the management and mitigation of surface damage claims and settlements related to drilling activities.

Swift Resolution

Surface specialists ensure all claims and settlements are resolved in a timely manner. Project managers oversee all aspects of the process to ensure no detail, is overlooked.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our clients take comfort knowing that our honest and experienced team will treat their staff, as well as any other stakeholders involved in the process, with the utmost respect, integrity and professionalism throughout the damage claim and settlement process.

Surface Damage Settlement Specialities:

  • Post-Seismic Damage Mitigation
  • Pad Sites
  • Well Sites

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All Land Services

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