Maintaining a healthy workplace and conducting business in a safe environment is paramount in importance when compared to other business objectives. We go to great lengths to ensure that employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the surrounding communities in which we work are safe at all times.

At McDonald Land Services, safety and health are integral to our business

In addition to deploying a full-time safety staff, we maintain an active implementation of a QHSE management system, and provide training to all employees and contractors. Our objective is not only to continue to utilize safety and health programs that have reduced our number of injuries, illnesses, and vehicular incidents to zero, but to develop leading measures to ensure our numbers remain at zero.

McDonald Land Services defines safe operating procedures which meet, or in some cases exceed industry standards and governmental regulations in order to protect the interests of employees, customers, the public, and the environment. In order to participate in defining these on an ongoing basis, the company actively participates with industry professionals in developing standards and promoting QHSE issues in the oil and gas industry.

Communication, safety awareness and participation in the QHSE process are key ingredients to the success of a QHSE management system. Therefore, it is expected and required that all employees and contractors familiarize themselves with and adhere to company policies, procedures and safe work practices. Employees and contractors are also encouraged to reduce risk by participation in the identification of unsafe acts or situations and reporting these observations to their supervisor immediately. We acknowledge that it is only through the freedom to make comment, and through the flow of information, that risks may be identified and minimized or eliminated.

McDonald continuously develops sustainable solutions throughout daily practices that contribute to our dedication of being an environmentally friendly company. We comply with all state and federal regulations, and we provide a quality of work that is second to none.

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